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Math Like You Read really works: From F to A

I am writing this letter to inform you that one of the Campers that participated in the Math Like You Read program has improved tremendously in Math since he attended the summer camp July 2008.

Malik Thompson is currently attending Dorothy B. Johnson Elementary School where he is a 5th grader. His progress reports indicated that he was making F's in math. However, now he is passing math with flying colors. His first progress report he received a "B" average in school and on his second progress report he increased his math score to an overall "A" average.

Since the Math Like You Read program Malik has been involved in after school sports such as basketball and he has gained a self confidence about himself that he has never had before prior to him attending the summer camp program. His grandparents had been at the end of the rope with him and had almost given up all hope on him ever achieving high grades in math. After seeing how the Math like You Read program has helped Malik, his grandparents now believe that there is hope for him to compete the 5th grade at Dorothy B. Johnson Elementary School.

Camp New Life Inc. would like to thank you once again Dr. Thomas for your persistence and dedication to work with the many at risk youth during Math Like You Read summer camp. It has truly been a pleasure having you as the Math Instructor for the summer camp program. Thank you for helping Malik to build the confidence he needed to improve his math scores. For truly this is an important moment in his life that he will never forget! As they tell me, Malik has been keeping the Math Like You Read program a secret and refuses to tell his friends and math teacher how he learned how to do math problems from left to right to get the correct answers to the math problems.

Dr. Thomas we appreciate all or your hard efforts to help youth that are at risk of flunking their grades or dropping out of school to achieve their fullest potential beyond what they could ever imagine. I would strongly recommend the Math like You Read program to other students that are having a difficult time with math.

Camp New Life Inc. looks forward to working with you on other projects

Lashauna Parker, Vice Chair
Camp New Life Inc.