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Questions and Answers

YouTube VideoQ. What is Math Like You Read?

A. Math Like You Read with Forseeability is a non-breach of contract math system.

Q. What are the fundamental operational Concepts of Math Like You Read?

A. Operation(s)

1. Multiplication Double check to be double right
2. Division Base Penta
3. Addition Positional Notation
4. Subtraction No more / No less No Borrowing ever.

Q. How are the fundamental Math Like You Read Concepts Executed?

A. All Math Like You Read Concepts and Problems are executed and solved from left to right.

Q. Who needs Math Like You Read?

A. You, if you have "fear of" or "a weakness" in math. Especially, all those with the responsibility of implementing the "No child left behind" concept.

A Fundamental Math Principal

Math With Power
Math Without Power = Intellectual Abuse.

Every child can be taught to learn THE quadratic equation, a²+b-c=0, in kindergarten.

When fractions are properly taught every child can learn the basic, foundational fundamental mathematical operations - (+), what is; (-), check; what's left; (•), multiplication; (÷), division; decimal/percent.

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